Conférence Body Representation Network

This summer, the 4th edition of the international conference “Body Representation Network” was sponsored in-part by The Sense and took place at Energypolis. This conference brought together experts on the theme of body perception. This edition of the BRNet, co-organised by Prof. Michela Bassolino (PI of the Multisensory Processes Unit and Professor at the School of Health Sciences) and Prof. Francesca Garbarini (University of Turin), focused on the following theme: “The pathological body: the perception and the experience of the body in diseases”.

A successful Valais edition

Back in person since the 2nd edition in 2019 in Milan, more than 80 participants from all over Europe gathered at the Rue de l’Industrie to take part in BRNet. The programme included six 20-minute oral presentations as well as two Keynotes: Prof. F. Frassinetti (University of Bologna, IT) who presented “From body to voice: the construction of the self” and Prof. S. Micera (EPFL, Geneva, CH & Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pontedera,IT) who presented “Implantable neuroprosthesis and embodiment: understand to optimise”.

The event also provided an opportunity to highlight doctoral and post-doctoral trainees. Indeed, during lunch, a poster session took place simultaneously in a friendly atmosphere. In total, thirty-two posters were presented and analysed by the jury, which had the difficult task of rewarding the three best posters and the best oral presentation.

At the end of the day, co-organiser Michela Bassolino was delighted with the impact of this edition in Valais: “The exchanges between the participants were fruitful in a very collaborative environment. In addition, they discovered the region which they did not know from a tourist point of view. The BRNet also enabled the Valais, the HES-SO Valais-Wallis, the Sense Innovation & Research Center and the various institutes to be put forward.