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Presentation of research activities

In the sustainable Food System Research group we work towards reaching the sustainability goals of UN to deliver healthy and nutritious diets to all. We are a team of experts and adjust our analytical toolboxes continuously in food microbiology, chemistry, physics, and consumer sciences. The food process engineering plant and the sensory lab combines the different fields of knowledge.

We are linked to the chemical senses of the research axe cognition and perception. Here the focus is to understand the mechanism of olfactory and taste mechanism and its dysfunction in humans. We are partnering with other research units like devices and data (e.g. neuro-devices) to identify sensory functions and develop solutions in food products to compensate for dysfunctions and to optimize new forms of food products (e.g. plant-based meat alternatives).

Sandra Galle

Sandra Galle is a food biotechnologist with a worldwide experience in the food industry and with universities. She studied at the University of Vienna in Austria and at Michigan State University (USA), and received her PhD in Food Science and Technology from University College Cork (Ireland). During her doctorate, Sandra led part of her research work at the University of Alberta (Canada), staying on to work as a scientific researcher. In 2013, Sandra joined Nestlé and led a number of successful R&D projects, first as a scientist, then in product development, receiving numerous Nestlé Business and R&D awards. Since 2021, she has worked as an associate professor in the same field, and with the Institute of Life Technologies of the HES-SO Valais-Wallis.

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Publications clés


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