The Sense supports “La Fabuleuse Maison Cerveau”

La Fabuleuse Maison Cerveau

This year, Sense has decided to support the educational project “La Fabuleuse Maison Cerveau.” Produced by Neuracademia, this work aims to introduce children to the mysteries of neuroscience through a stunning album that comes to life with augmented reality!


“General Alert”

This innovative work is dedicated to understanding stress, hence the title “General Alert.” Stress is often considered the ailment of the 21st century, affecting many people and causing significant negative consequences. It also plays a crucial role in the physical and mental health of children, especially in times of a pandemic. However, stress is not fundamentally bad; it is a normal response of our bodies that allows humans to survive. Even today, moderate stress in terms of duration and intensity can be beneficial. Therefore, it is important to teach children to recognize and manage stress, making it favorable and avoiding its harmful effects.