The Sense at the Innothèque Space for a Historic Edition of the Foire du Valais.

the sense innothèque fdv 2023

The innovation and research center, The Sense, made its presence felt at the 63rd edition of the Foire du Valais this year. Innovation took center stage with the 2nd edition of the Innothèque Space, where The Sense set up shop. Organized by Cimark, this welcoming space provided start-ups with the opportunity to showcase their innovative expertise to both professionals and the general public. Moreover, the Foire du Valais welcomed nearly 250,000 visitors, setting a new record for the event.

The Sense had the opportunity to engage with the public and present its activities, generating enthusiastic responses from the visitors. The innovation and research center also brought together seven researchers over the course of the 10-day fair to share and popularize their research activities with the attendees. Cimark also gave The Sense the chance to host a conference on October 6th at the Innothèque Space